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FIM Motocamp, Sabrosa, Portugal
Copenhell, Denmark
The City of Northern LightsAlta, Norway
VR CAVEs & Powerwalls
State Prison Motorcycle Festival
Harley-Davidson LiveWire
ETR // Motor & Music Festival, Spain
MBE // Motorbike Europe
Prague Harley Days, Czech Republic
European Bike Week, Austria
St.Petersburg Harley Days, Russia
FITUR, Madrid, Spain
ETR // Spain Tours
Project supported bySámediggi / SametingetThe Sami Parliament Visit the VR Gallery >> 360° Virtual Tour >> Buy the Art >> Mearradoallu-dállu is the first hybrid exhibition of Johan Sara jr. and is based on the life and mindset of the Coastal Sami people. “It was natural, as I was born and raised by the sea in Alta and on Stjernøya where our reindeer grazed...
ETR // Berlin
Hamburg Harley Days, Germany
ETR // European Touring Route
ETR // Swedish Touring Route
ETR // Atlantic Road Festival
KTM Motorcycles Shakedown Ride
ETR // Nordkapp Ride

9515 Alta

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