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Media, Project, Photo & Video Credits

EU Copyright Directive (PDF)


All rights to use photos, videos, texts and graphics have been granted by the individual copyright owners for each piece in accordance with the EU Digital Single Market Copyright Directive. This includes all and any material used in our promotional services, offline services, content, features, products, technologies or functions offered by ETR XR and all related services, whether we have taken the photographs ourselves, used images from UNSPLASH, or our clients have supplied them on an ongoing basis.


We take the processing and handling of our client's media material very seriously and we only use their media in accordance with the terms of this EU Digital Single Market Copyright directive. For the purposes of this Copyright Disclaimer, the term “media material” means any promotional and/or copyright-protected photos, videos, graphics, texts, contact details, emails, links, social links, locations, addresses or other information related to users of our services, including but not limited to clients and partners (legal entities). The legal basis for processing their media and personal data in accordance with the said activities is based on their acceptance of our Terms and Conditions, the GDPR, the EU Digital Single Market Copyright Directive, and other publishing and copyright-protective standards, as a condition of being our client or partner.

Content providers for the website, events, newsletters, social media & other presentations:

European Touring Route AS
Dave O'Byrne
Hallgeir J. Strifeldt
Tor-Arne Bellika
Ellinor Strifeldt
Trond Strifeldt
Jens Konrad Annfinsen
Juan Carlos Barceló Palacian
Karl Stefan Albrekt
Robert Solheim
Frank Henry Strifeldt
Steve D. Milton
Mille Agnete Giulini
Philipe Reinisch
Oddvar Øien
Odd Inge Teige
Remi Pražáčková
Roy Bøe
Bobby McKey
Levi Engeli Johansen
Motorbike Europe
Valle V. Petersen
Claus S. Lernø
Vagn A. Thomsen
BMW Motorrad
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
KTM Motorcycles
FIM - International Motorcycle Federation
State prison Motorcycle Festival
Kathrin Secher Stenkjær
St. Petersburg Harley Days
Visit Petersburg
Alta Kommune
Erling Kristensen
Raimond Jakobsen
Asle Myrheim
Edel Riise
Centauro Car Hire
Collaprime OY
Tony Lindqvist
Innovation Norway
Visit Norway
C.H. - Visit Norway
Making View - Visit Norway
Terje Rakke - Visit Norway
Pål Bugge - Visit Norway
Frithjof Fure - Visit Norway
Bjørn Jørgensen - Visit Norway
Anders Gjengedal - Visit Norway
Johan Wildhagen - Visit Norway
Johan Berge - Visit Norway
Erik Jørgensen - Visit Norway
Marte Kopperud - Visit Norway
Per Eide - Visit Norway

Caelan Kelly
Ambient Nature Atmosphere
Marian Croitoru
Tibor Janosi Moses
Alessandro Squassoni
Proland PH
Lukas Media Production
Adi Goldstein
Alexandre Van Thuan
Ananthan Loggi
Andreas Gucklhorn
Artem Bryzgalov
Artiom Vallat
Austin Neill
Bram Van Oost
Caleb Fisher
Christina Wocintechchat
Christine Sandu
Daniel Abadia
Daniel Go
Danny Howe
David Dvoracek
Denys Nevozhai
Dominik Luckmann
Francisco De Nova
George Bale
Gunnar Ridderstrom
Jack Ward
Jan Huber
Jason Blackeye
Josh Hild
Karsten Gohm
Karsten Wurth
Kyle Ryan
Laurens Derks
Lukas Zischke
Luke Paris
Manny Moreno
Marius Masalar
Mohamed Nohassi
Mr Autthaporn Pradidpong
Natalya Letunova
Nicolas Lindsay
Pat Whelen
Patrick Schneider
Patrick Tomasso
Pietro De Grandi
Ricardo Gomez Angel
Science In Hd
Scott Blake
Scott Webb
Sean Pollock
Sergio Ruiz
Sidekix Media
Spencer Watson
Strvnge Films
Takashi Miyazaki
Thisisengineering Raeng
Vidar Nordli Mathisen
Viktor Theo
William William
Wilmer Martinez
Xr Expo
Yang Junjie
Yann Maignan

EU Copyright Directive (PDF)

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